My Acne Journey (Part II)

Here we go. I decided it is important to write something about the event that changed the course of my life and determined my carrier path. While struggling with my acne and feeling a bit lost in a new country, having just moved from Holland, I was invited to a trade show in London where all big beauty and pharmaceutical brands were displayed.

My initial idea when moving to the Isle of Wight was to open a spa offering pampering and relaxing treatments for all. Instead destiny decided otherwise.

What changed my mind? Skin Analysis performed by International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa) and Environ Skincare. I was invited to take a place near the scanner and a very professional lady started a short questionnaire to determine my health situation, food habits, skin history and what I would like to achieve in terms of my complexion. I explained about my ongoing battle with acne and the frustrations that came with it; whatever I tried didn’t seem to work.

She listened very carefully and took notes. An image of my face was taken and a minute later we had results. I was apprehensive at first but the images taken were so interesting, and the explanation given was so comprehensive, that I decided to give Environ and iiaa a try.

I received a recommendation based on my results, involving topical cream and face wash, Accumax (an acne fighting supplement) and Jane Iredale powder to use as a cover and treatment to improve my skin.

Two months later I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin on my face and body! I had no new breakouts, the scars on my back were disappearing and my confidence had returned.

From this point onwards, I knew that opening a skin improvement clinic was the best path for me. I was so grateful to have my dignity back and beautiful skin that didn’t need to cover up that I wanted to share my knowledge with others.

Since opening the clinic, I have held regular Skin Analysis Events for those who are interested in improving their skin.

During these clinics, a free consultation and skin analysis is offered, to understand any issues that can be present, from acne and skin sensitivity to premature ageing, deep lines and pigmentation.

After the initial consultation, a plan of action is put into place, consisting of treatments and products to make a difference and start the journey towards perfect skin. Three months later clients are invited to return for a rescan and see the results and benefits.

We are a skin improvement clinic where skin analysis is the starting point. I wish I had x-ray vision and could determine the reasons and the solutions for my clients skin problems on sight, but this scientific method of skin diagnostics is a god send.

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Opening the Seaview Beauty Clinic has been a dream come true for me. As a child growing up in Russia I dreamt of becoming a doctor but my life was turned upside down when my family and I were forced to leave and become refugees in Holland. This was a difficult time particularly as a teenager with little money and bad skin but I have always had a hunger for knowledge so my interests soon turned to reading and researching everything about skincare. This newly found passion paid off when several years later after lots of hard work I was presented with a degree in beauty and holistic therapies. But my journey was only just beginning and my quest to help others become healthier, happier and enhance their natural beauty got stronger. Encouraged by mother and grandma who said I had magical hands.

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