Jo’s Tips on Menopause

Seaview clinic is dedicated to helping clients with their individual skin issues using latest technological treatments and the best products for normalising skin and working to get the maximum beneficial results for each person we see by tailoring their treatment to suit. 

We work with skin problems like adult acne, skin pigmentation and rosacea, due very often to inflammation within the body and of course dry or dull and tired looking skin which can be a very common issue. 

Ladies, the perimenopausal and menopausal time in our lives can cause our skin to change drastically in texture and appearance this is due to changes in oestrogen levels and disruption with our hormones. During this time we all need to use moisturising creams with added vitamins and peptides to encourage strengthening of the fibroblasts in our cells which in turn help our collagen production levels.

We recommend using hyaluronic serums before moisturising which helps to penetrate deeper and nourish our skin to give optimum results at this time.  An extra help, and as often as possible, is to give the skin an added boost with a vitamin and peptides infusing Environ facial or a therma visage radio frequency facial, both of which help reach deeper inside the skin layer for extra rejuvenation and healthy cell turnover. 

Also eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly by maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit and strong can improve some menopausal symptoms.

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