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It’s not easy to talk about winter skincare sitting in sunny Florida. As our holiday comes to an end and I sit writing this blog, I find myself transported back to my busy life in windy and rainy England! This was my first time away with my husband, without kids, dogs or parents; the amount of free time we had was astonishing and so was the cleanliness of the apartment! My poor husband has had to endure a 4.30 wake up call every morning because that’s when I’ve been getting up to do my yoga (with the aim of hopefully avoiding jetlag). The realisation I have to be back at work the day after we get home is keeping me motivated. So from wind and rain to sun and back again – how am I keeping my skin healthy with all this change?

At the moment, my skin is feeling a bit dry after a touch of the Florida sun and the mild lactic acid peel I used to help with a few breakouts, no doubt caused by change of diet, the climate and of course, too much rest. Luckily I have everything here that I need to re-balance me and my skin.

Firstly, I never go away without my trusted pillbox containing Omega supplements. They hydrate and soothe the skin and retain 1,000 times the water that we drink. These are essential, my miracle workers, especially as their effect on my sugar levels mean I don’t crave sweets so much!

Vitamin A and Antioxidant Capsules are also important, acting in combination with my AVST 4 moisturiser, to revive, rejuvenate and restore me internally. I don’t believe in denying myself the occasional alcoholic drink, cake, coffee, or having a sunbathe. All joys of life that can also affect our skin and general wellbeing.

Collagen Support Capsules have never left my side since the day I first discovered (to my horror!) that the skin on my neck was becoming crepey.  Finally, I also take Accumax with me in case of breakouts as well. I made sure I brought all my vitamins and supplements from home because in America their products are less effective and twice the price! My husband loves browsing the American Health Food stores – but I haven’t been very popular here after explaining the difference in quality and price to the shop assistants!

As well as my miracle working travel companions, of course, I also bring the basics! The most important is my magic cleanser: Environ’s Youth EssentiA Hydra-intense Cleansing Lotion. It doesn’t seem to ever run out and calms while soothing and hydrating my skin.  Regardless of what state my skin is in, happy or breakouts, this is a go-to cleanser for me.

Next is Environ Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide Toner. When I use this product, it feels like my skin is relaxing and smiling. Also, because my skin is sensitive/combination and sometimes dry, AVST 4 and Environ Focus Care Youth Range keep me looking and feeling my age (which is 40, if you were wondering).

To finish my routine I apply the fantastic Environ Youth EssentiA Vita–Peptide Eye Gel.  It helps me not to feel conscious of lines around my eyes while I’m smiling because it keeps it all nice and smooth. Another great product I use is Jane Iredale’s BB Cream to leave my skin feeling nourished and looking flawless and glowing.

To summarise, the best advice I can give for this winter skin blog is: life is short! Enjoy every moment while being and feeling healthy, happy and loved. Skin is a mirror of our internal wellbeing and we can become even more beautiful by just feeling content. And of course a little help from Environ, Jane Iredale and Advanced Nutrition goes a long way!

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Opening the Seaview Beauty Clinic has been a dream come true for me. As a child growing up in Russia I dreamt of becoming a doctor but my life was turned upside down when my family and I were forced to leave and become refugees in Holland. This was a difficult time particularly as a teenager with little money and bad skin but I have always had a hunger for knowledge so my interests soon turned to reading and researching everything about skincare. This newly found passion paid off when several years later after lots of hard work I was presented with a degree in beauty and holistic therapies. But my journey was only just beginning and my quest to help others become healthier, happier and enhance their natural beauty got stronger. Encouraged by mother and grandma who said I had magical hands.

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