Self Confidence

There is nothing more attractive in a person then self-confidence. It shows in all we do; in the way we live our lives, holding our heads up high, in the way we look into the eyes of people we talk to and how we communicate that feel good enough. We all feel inadequate, clumsy, not clever enough, not beautiful enough, not slim enough, at times. These thoughts are normal. The idea of perfection haunts most of us on daily basis and most of us have felt insecure at some point in our lives… but who decides what is perfection?

I believe that self-confidence is a state of mind, just like happiness. We create our universe and sculpt our own self-image. Look around – most successful and confident people are self-made and we aspire to be like them or to be near them. We want to believe that confidence, success and beauty are contagious.

Anxiety is something I personally suffered with for years. My life was not always straightforward and easy, but only recently I realised that it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like me, or doesn’t agree with my decisions or views on life. I like me!

Why am I sharing this? I’ve realised how important confidence is and how much we are all affected by self image and the need to be liked, to be loved, to feel good enough. I understand now that the only person I have to please or impress is myself – and the same applies for everyone else! If we don’t love our appearance or don’t believe in our abilities how can we expect other people to?

This subject personally affects me because of the skin condition I lived with for years, acne (you can read more about my journey here). I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and struggled with the feeling of not being good enough. I always felt like an outsider, a foreigner. Being a refugee doesn’t help one’s confidence. Many years on, I still didn’t know how to deal with compliments or truly take stock of my achievements. I am so very grateful now that I have changed enough that my outlook on life is quite philosophical. I measure my self-worth in my ability to help others and make a difference in people’s lives by doing what I do best. I love people, I love life and all the years of internal turmoil, anxieties and pain have taught me that I am not alone – there is so much love and understanding out there as long as we ask for help and don’t give up.

I came to the realisation some time ago that having perfect, flawless skin, eternal youth, the perfect size zero figure, or a large bank account does not make people happy or more attractive. Only a smile, kindness and actions can do that. The feeling of being good enough, our self confidence, comes from our ability to share our light with the world and make others around us feel loved and wanted.

Of course, our skin and body confidence is important, hence the treatments in my clinic are aimed to improve the texture, vitality and health of the skin. I often think if a person only knew how easy, quick and comfortable is it to remove skin tags or red veins, to treat skin conditions or to reduce cellulite, they would act upon it, rather than feeling uncomfortable in their own skin.

For me, helping my clients with advice and treatments gives me purpose. To enable someone to feel happier in themselves gives me joy – whether they are able to show their skin after years of suffering with acne or rosacea, or venture to the beach or tennis court without feeling uncomfortable baring their skin. These things are not superficial – we live in our bodies every day, we can live better, more relaxed lives if we are comfortable in the skin that we’re in.

So take a moment today to praise yourself – whatever you do that makes you feel good, whatever you do that helps others, whatever part of your being you are proud of, whether internal or external, those are the things that make you wonderful. Truly appreciate those things and your confidence will grow. Hold your head up high, you are good enough.

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Opening the Seaview Beauty Clinic has been a dream come true for me. As a child growing up in Russia I dreamt of becoming a doctor but my life was turned upside down when my family and I were forced to leave and become refugees in Holland. This was a difficult time particularly as a teenager with little money and bad skin but I have always had a hunger for knowledge so my interests soon turned to reading and researching everything about skincare. This newly found passion paid off when several years later after lots of hard work I was presented with a degree in beauty and holistic therapies. But my journey was only just beginning and my quest to help others become healthier, happier and enhance their natural beauty got stronger. Encouraged by mother and grandma who said I had magical hands.

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