Sensitive Skin Explained

The most common skin concern that my clients come to me for advice on is skin sensitivity. We look to identify the cause of sensitivity through a skin consultation to determine if the reason is coming from internal or external sources or both.

External factors to be considered are; allergens, extreme temperatures, pollution and harsh chemicals that strip the skins’ natural protective barrier.

Internal factors could be; diet, stress, family/personal history and medical conditions. Research also shows that how you were born could affect your skin sensitivity, with statistics showing that children born via caesarean section are 90% more likely to suffer with skin sensitivity and allergies in later life. When a baby is exposed to the outside world at once and not gradually like during a natural labour, capillaries and the vascular network are put under strain which can cause oversensitivity.

There is also good news, however! When we apply a holistic approach to the skin, Feed Fortify FinishTM improvement is possible.

Feed – Advanced Nutrition’s Programme’s Omega+

Omega3 has been proven to calm inflammation from the inside out, in the skin and joints, helping to calm itching, as well as waterproofing the skin cells by plumping the cell membrane and increasing the skins’ immunity and firmness.

Fortify – Environs Vita Oxidant Gel and Vita Enriched Colostrum Gel

These products has been a godsend for my clients who are literally allergic to air. Their skin is getting healthier, stronger, less red, itchy and flaky, thanks to the immune boosters, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts within the ingredients to rejuvenate and give healthier skin.

To Finish, I recommend Base Loose Mineral Powder followed by D20 Hydration Spray to offer a cover that nourishes, calms and enhances moisture retention, perfect for sensitive skin, leaving it looking glowing and calm.

As I always endorse, home care is your diet and treatments at the clinic are similar to the gym session with a private instructor. In order to create a difference and achieve results, we need both.

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Opening the Seaview Beauty Clinic has been a dream come true for me. As a child growing up in Russia I dreamt of becoming a doctor but my life was turned upside down when my family and I were forced to leave and become refugees in Holland. This was a difficult time particularly as a teenager with little money and bad skin but I have always had a hunger for knowledge so my interests soon turned to reading and researching everything about skincare. This newly found passion paid off when several years later after lots of hard work I was presented with a degree in beauty and holistic therapies. But my journey was only just beginning and my quest to help others become healthier, happier and enhance their natural beauty got stronger. Encouraged by mother and grandma who said I had magical hands.

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