My Acne Journey

Anyone with acne will be familiar with the embarrassment it causes. I spent a long time trying to hide my skin, as do many others. It’s only now I have found a way to get the condition under control that I feel able to share my experience, and my Before & After pictures, with the world, in the hope that this will help others who are experiencing the same.

I only recently understood how lucky I actually was to have acne. A paradox, I know. My passion for skin and its health was driven by desperation. My acne started in my early thirties and whatever I tried didn’t seem to make any difference. I spent hundreds of pounds on creams, clinics and doctors prescriptions, with very little results.

The revelation started when I understood the reason behind my problem and was shown the way to deal with it. One of the reasons behind mature acne is hormonal imbalance. So it starts internally and the only way to truly tackle it is from the inside out as well as topically. I began taking Advanced Nutrition Supplements and treating my skin topically with Environ products (which contain Vitamin A, the only molecule proven to normalise skin cells), and within weeks, I could see and feel the difference.

For me, providing my body with the vitamins it needed was the key to controlling my acne and regaining my confidence. Discovering Environ skincare not only helped me normalise my skin, but also prompted me to help others achieve the same.

Once qualified, I was able to provide clients with real and lasting solutions to their skin complaints. Now, after just a short consultation I am usually able to provide a treatment plan that works specifically for the individual. Most often, this consists of supplements to help the skin from inside out to heal and remove scaring caused by acne, along with a gentle cleanser and a treatment moisturiser.

My own skincare journey is on-going – I still use the products to maintain my healthy skin. But, I feel lucky to have found a solution that works for me and to be able to share it with so many others. After all, we only have one body and one life, let’s enjoy it!

My Before and After Pictures:

Jane Acne Before Jane Acne After

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Jane Baranova-Gibbs

Opening the Seaview Beauty Clinic has been a dream come true for me. As a child growing up in Russia I dreamt of becoming a doctor but my life was turned upside down when my family and I were forced to leave and become refugees in Holland. This was a difficult time particularly as a teenager with little money and bad skin but I have always had a hunger for knowledge so my interests soon turned to reading and researching everything about skincare. This newly found passion paid off when several years later after lots of hard work I was presented with a degree in beauty and holistic therapies. But my journey was only just beginning and my quest to help others become healthier, happier and enhance their natural beauty got stronger. Encouraged by mother and grandma who said I had magical hands.

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